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Helping people achieve more Happiness in daily life

Hi there, my name is Sam and welcome to my site



Do you want to improve your personal LIFE, so you have better relationships?

Do you want to be consistently happy, so that everyday is a good?

Do you want to improve your business so that you and your staff members are more productive, make fewer mistakes and in turn achieve more?

Are you ready to make changes to you life for the better that will increase your happiness?  

Are you ready to take control live in the now and be more present?


I am Motivational Speaker and Happiness Coach.

I have a fun and dynamic personality and I use this to help people achieve daily happiness in their personal and business life.

My mission is to help and equip as many people as possible with an emotional toolbox of motivation and accountability required to succeed in their personal and business lives.


Happiness is indeed an inside job, and I firmly believe that you can change all things for the better, why choose to be sad when can choose to be HAPPY.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it’s something you design for the present.

So if you want to make changes to your Everyday Life and live in the present being HAPPY then get in touch.


You truly hold the key to your own Happiness and I can show you how.. join me and Live HAPPY Everyday!



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Steve Burgess-

I invited Sam to give a talk at our event. The feedback was great! The energy she brought to the room and the audience was amazing. She has a great sense of humour and delivers an inspirational message. Her content was clear and the audience took away actionable practical steps that they could start immediately. Grab the chance with both hands to work with her.




Sam, your positivity and your motivational talks have really helped me.
Being a sufferer of depression and major anxiety for a few years, as you can imagine, it has made a huge impact on my life.
Your talks are an inspiration to get back to being ‘me’ again and I cannot thank you enough for that.


Liz Brown-

Sometimes when we face life’s challenges it takes more than we can do in that moment alone. We all have times when we have to summon up the courage to step forward, and carry on. When the grey clouds of doubt and despair hover over you, these are the times you need to use the tools of change, which are at everyone’s disposal. To turn the grey clouds to blue skies, the storm to sunshine, despair to hope, fear to faith. That’s the time Sam comes to aid transformation, you see she has not only read hundreds of books, attended many, many seminars, and been guided through her own storms – she also has a vast experience of life – how to make conscious choices and to live it to the full. Sam chooses for her cup not to be half full, she chooses her cup of life to overflow, with happiness and positivity – and she can inspire, guide and mentor others to bring the happiness and positivity back into their lives too, if they reach out desiring change.

Liv Maylam-


Sam helped me overcome a huge lifetime battle I have with a severe phobia of flying!!
I got off a flight to Borneo in a complete state of terror and could not go through with the flight!!

One week later after working with Sam I had a toolbox of skills and a change of mindset. I flew to Bangkok on my own thanks to Sam’s advice and guidance, basically making my mind see things in a different way!! Subsequently opening my life up to travel that I never thought possible Thank You and I cannot recommend your services more highly!!



Sam is a fantastic listener who exhibits great enthusiasm. She has provided me guidance and encouragement always giving positive feedback. Sam helped motivate me and has been very supportive. I can’t thank her enough. THANK YOU SAM xxx



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