I am passionate about helping people achieve more happiness and positivity in their daily lives.

I have been doing motivational speaking for the past 17 years.
When I speak I love to bring fun and energy into the room.
I love to inspire and motivate using a sense of humour but being focused at equipping people with useful skills to incorporate into their lives at the same time!

As a child I experienced things that no child should have to go through. Growing up I felt awkward and like a freak! I ended up leaving school at 15 with few qualifications.

I faced financial ruin in my early 20’s lost my home and pride.

Into adulthood I suffered several episodes of depression where I was suicidal.

But through help, determination, persistence & belief I managed to pull my life into some sense of order and create a successful Network Marketing Business and have gone onto create a successful property company.

In my early 20’s I found personal development and it really helped me during some dark times. I have continued reading and listening to this type of material to this day.

I have since found ways and developed an emotional toolkit to help me live a happy prosperous life. And sharing that with others is now my mission.
Through a tragic death in the family and the other life experiences I have come realise how fragile and precious life is.
None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, Happiness can be taken from us in a heartbeat!!

I believe in living in the now, in this moment, being present and I help and show others how to do the same.

You can be Happy everyday, Happiness is a choice.
You always have a choice.

Be happy for this moment, This moment is your life!!



I also run a Facebook group called Rhythm of life  I post tips ideas and general motivational, positive thinking and living Happy Stuff.  Please join and share your thoughts for a Happier Life.



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