What I Learnt from Death

by admin / Aug 30, 2017 / blogs / 0 comments

So as promised to myself and others this is my first official blog. I have said many time’s that writing isn’t my strength. As a girl who left school at 15 with few qualifications & no college experience you’ll have to excuse the grammar mistakes… I know there are plenty out there policing 🙂

So my first task was to decide what to write about. Many things came to mind. But for the last 24 hours one thing has stuck in my head.

You see around this time 12 years ago my sister’s partner Tony contracted Chicken Pox from my kids. My sister, Tony and their 3 month old daughter were living with us after returning to live in the Uk from the Caribbean so that Tony and I could go into business together renovating houses. I had already done up a few houses and Tony was a great painter and decorator and had many builder skills. A perfect partnership we thought.

Tony was under doctors orders to stay away from Chicken pox as he was taking medication that weakened his immune system, and as a man who had never had it he was highly susceptible to it. Chickenpox in adults can be highly dangerous…. As we were about to find out!!
So after 6 six days of suffering and numerous visits to the hospital Tony passed away. I won’t go into the details of what happened over the following days weeks and months.. But fast forward you to present day.

One of the main reasons I do what I do these day is in part down to the events of 28 August 2005. I have been into personal development and positivity for over 20 years, but have to admit I wasn’t always living in the moment, living for the now!

Tony’s passing made me question many things about life…..
What’s it all about?
What am I here for?
I had some deep thinking going on, have you ever done that?

I suddenly questioned my life and what was important to me. What did I want from life?
Was I actually the person I wanted to be?
Was I actually doing what I wanted to do?
Was I following my heart?

Long and short it made me very confused, stressed even!

I started to read even more motivational and personal development stuff. A few things that I learnt was that I couldn’t control what had happened, though I felt immense guilt, due to Tony ultimately contracting the Chickenpox from my kids.
I learnt to live in the Now and not keep putting off my happiness for the future. Don’t get me wrong I still have one eye on the future. Most importantly I learnt follow your heart, life is fricking fragile, it can be taken from you in a heart beat. So live for the now, do what you love…what are you waiting for, tomorrow is not guaranteed, right?
Don’t pursue happiness, live your happy now. Do what you love, speak your truth and damn well enjoy this moment, because this is all you have and all you can control!!

I am finally doing something I truly love. Sharing idea’s about how to live a positive happy and successful daily life. I’m also helping companies improve their staffs happiness so that they are more productive, take less time off, complain less and are motivated.

This is my passion and gives immense joy, and my one wish for you is that you too are out there living this moment and doing what you love.



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