My 1-2-1 Coaching Program Is my Flagship Program for people who are serious about making changes to their everyday life.


The Program is offered over Skype and can be tailored to meet your needs.

In this coaching program I work with you to discover where your issues lie, where you are struggling and together we build a plan to get your life back on track and learn  new skills to be Happy NOW, everyday regardless.


I work personally with you in total confidence, offering guidance and inspiring you to take back control, get into the Rhythm of Life and lead a Happy and Balanced Day EVERYDAY.


After all all we have is NOW!


The Coaching Program is £295.00 per month for a minimum term of 3 months.

The program cannot be purchased without having a free consultation call with me first.  This is just to see that we are a good fit, to make sure it is suitable for you and you are a suitable client.

I only take a few clients so it’s important that we both feel we can work together.


SO to find out if it’s for you BOOK your free call NOW…..







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